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Casualties of the so-called science of Psychiatry

Notice how this "troubled teen that admired hitler" depicts his last victim...a klansman. Yeah, this native american kid really seems like somebody who loves neo-nazis. The so called science of psychiatry uses drugs on our children; some that have side effects that include suicide and extremely violent behavior. This is what happened to the Columbine shooters and other school rampagers too. They and their victims are casualties of this fucked up system.

The so called science of psychiatry is used as a weapon against society's undesirables-to pathologize them and destroy their lives in conjuction with a federal mind control program as well as the simple protection of the interests of the wealthy. The so called science of psychaitry also is just a straight broker and legalized pusher for the pharmaceutical industry's drugs. Their infamous Diagnostic Statistical Manual lists hundreds of conditions as a mental illness, including such inocous or counter cultural things like being into alternative herbs/vitamins or having a strong mistrust of authority. Basically, the DSM is designed to be able to list anybody as mentally ill to pathologize them...even me and you.

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Evil-Dog Does It Again

Everytime Evil-Dog publishes something, you have to sit up and take notice. Each time he does something groundbreaking. This is probably the best 3d presented as a flash movie that Ive seen.

Punk-O-Matic was an awesome interactive that blows away any interactive toy in its innovation, coolness, and usefulness. I was almost sad when I saw punk-0-matic fell off the top 50 of all time list on the portal. I think it deserves top 20 easy.

I cant wait to see more of this series, and like the reviewer before me, Yeah, I think it's good enough to put into a film festival or syndication. A lot of the drek out there doesnt hold a candle to this latest excellence from Evil-Dog, who just earned and overdue place on my favorite artist list.

Evil-Dog responds:

:P those are nice compliments! thanks a lot man
we're glad you liked this movie!

Excellent Days Work!

That's very cool for just one days work. Its strong enough to stand next to any of the submissions on newgrounds. You're pretty fast and your work is very good. You are a talented flash artist.

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Well Done! Exactly the kind of tutorial needed in and worthy of the flash tutorial collection. Would love to see more like this. This flash covers a very good ball bouncing behavior, collision detection, interacting with the ground, and more. The math is fairly advanced and complicated but it is explained thoroughly and can be understood with a little effort from those challenged by math; it's deals with trigonometric functions and differential equations and it explains and makes allowances for some of flash's limitations in dealing with math expressions. Very Good and I would love to see more like this!

This is just excellent

Great tutorial! Anyone with a basic knowledge of flash can make some cool games using the ideas presented here. All they have to do is add a little talent and imagination. Well done!

More than one approach to making a cool adventure game is presented. I wouldnt consider this tutorial a waste of time for anybody but really advanced flash programmers.

I went ahead and recommended it for the NG tutorial section.

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Pretty Fun and Addicting

NOTE!: Will the author or any NG player tell me how to defeat the level boss? When I hit it, nothing happens. When I collide I lose so much health that it's game over. It's pretty hard to get to the boss with enough health so it's frustrating that you cant defeat him.

Good game. Kind of addicting really. Nice obstacle course. Some of the obstacles are challenging but not to the point of being really annoying. Graphics are just average but still cool for what it is. Sound is good.

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Snapester responds:

After he does the jump thing, he will stand still for a few seconds. When he is still you hit his tail :]

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Awesome! Hilarious! Wooot!

i8i0 did a such a kick ass job on this one! His only audio submission to date and it rocks! I was looking for an audio file for my game and came upon this masterpiece! Perfect for my game!

i8i0!!! I need to get your permission to post on other sites! Ive tried to contact you and your website and email are currently down or unavailable to me.

The game is Star Bores: episode One, it got lots of good reviews and won Daily 3rd Place! Check it out and please contact me! blackreb@earthlink.net

Check out my latest game... Star Bores: episode One

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